Corporate Social Responsibility

We take a comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility that aligns with our enduring values, and maximizes the positive change that our employees can influence around the world.

We focus on specific societal issues, explore ways to improve and protect the environment, and improve healthcare. We strive to operate our business with the highest standards of corporate responsibility, from how we support and empower our employees, to how we work with our clients, and how we govern the corporation.

Anette Gregow
SVP Marketing & Communications


Code of Conduct
The reputation of our company and the trust and confidence of our customers, employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders is decisive for the continued success of our business. Our relationships with these stakeholders and our day-to-day business is guided by our values. Our Code of Conduct, based on our values, sets out the principles that govern how we do business and our collective responsibilities towards the company’s stakeholders.

We encourage suppliers, agents, consultants and other business partners to adhere to these principles. We also apply them when assessing current and potential partners.

The Environment
Our goal is to promote a safe, healthy environment that helps reduce energy needs. We continually strive to improve our processes to reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize the potential negative environmental impacts of our activities.

Employee well-being and diversity
We believe in hiring, supporting and retaining great employees. Our employees represent our brand, embody our values and drive our success.

We use an annual company-wide employee survey for gaining high-level view of employee satisfaction. These data pinpoint any issues, allowing us to better address the needs of our workforce and business.