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RDK Demystified: How Broadcasters Can Leverage Cable’s Reference Design Kit Launch Part I

If you had read my CEO Sanjay Dhawan’s recent blog post, Unlock the Set-top Box, you’d recall that Comcast and Time Warner Cable had formed a joint entity, RDK Management, LLC, to promote a standard, open platform RDK or Reference Design Kit, for video and application services support on set-top boxes and TVs within their subscribers’ homes. Since then, over 2 million US homes had gotten RDK enabled set-top boxes that provide them with both traditional cable services and new IP and cloud-based services. With these enhanced capabilities, this new platform presents a great opportunity for broadcasters and producers looking to refresh today’s viewer experiences. But exactly how can broadcasters take advantage of this new technology?

How Retailers Can Adapt and Thrive in Today’s Competitive Consumer Market

The retail industry has been undergoing a massive transformation for some time now. It all started with a simple online presence for the brick and mortar stores over a decade ago that evolved into full-blown e-commerce websites. This eventually led to today’s various complex online marketplaces that continue to change the way customers shop. The integration of So-Mo-Lo (social, mobile and local) has also redefined the way retailers interact with their customers.