The road to success
Bring leading-edge automotive features and functions to market faster while saving on critical development cycle time. Our experts provide you with turn-key service packages including concept and strategy consulting, systems engineering, rapid prototyping, variant development, integration, testing and maintenance services.

Smarter cars
Intelligent mobility increases transport network capacity and reduces accidents and pollution. We work on the forefront of new ideas and software to increase mobility, sustainability, decrease fuel consumption and emissions. Let’s collaborate to make cars smarter, so we can help in the fight to reduce both accidents and environmental damage.

Connected cars
A car is the largest mobile device people own. We help your company keep drivers connected, productive, informed and entertained. We’re also driving the business of driverless cars, and much more. Let’s connect so we can boost the brainpower in your model range.

Personalized in-vehicle infotainment
We help innovative companies maximize customer enjoyment and infotainment experiences.
If services like vehicle-to-vehicle networks, cloud-players or offering tracks that match motorists’ behavior are music to your ears, why not drive development with us?