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HARMAN to Drive Connected Car Ecosystem Growth

with New Service Provider Program


HARMAN Announces Open Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform

for the Connected Car


HARMAN Open Sources Technology
to Accelerate Adoption of Ethernet

in Connected Cars


HARMAN Partners With Telechips

to Deliver Complete

In-Vehicle Networking Solution


HARMAN Announces Collaboration with Renesas

to Deliver a Complete In-Vehicle Network Solution

to the Automotive Industry


We bring together the
Connected Car

Innovators in automotive, across OEMs, Tier1s and telematics service providers, partner with us to bring together the connected car. Explore our recent case studies to know why.


Microcontrollers with E-AVB implementation.

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LG car

Complete media subsystem development with 3D UI.

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Cloud based software develop-
ment for Ford’s smart car

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A complete in-vehicle networking solution

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Our software runs in 80% of vehicles
shipped by major automakers and their suppliers

Consumers expect their cars to provide the same connected experiences they get at home, or on their mobile. We harness the power of UI, embedded, analytics and the cloud to design the software that drives 80% of vehicles shipped by major automakers.

Connected Car Capabilities


Firmware development and integration for modernized In Vehicle infotainment.

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Data ingestion processing
and analytics to enhance services.

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Platforms and solutions for Over the air Firmware and Software updates and telematics.

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Complex system integration and customization across ecosystems and platforms.

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Expertise across all major automotive platforms


  • OAA/OHA key global commercialization partner for Android
  • Over 800+ commercial Android projects completed
  • Pre-packaged solutions for Android Auto Projected mode


  • Tizen Association member and contributor to Tizen IVI
  • Close collaboration with Tizen founding members Samsung and Intel
  • Pre-packaged solution for accelerating Tizen solution commercialization


  • Active Linux foundation and AGL member
  • Solution provider for Genivi compliant Ubuntu OS distribution
  • Large scale global delivery center for Linux based platform development

Windows Embedded

  • Long term scaling partner for Microsoft technologies
  • Commercialization of Windows Embedded based IVI systems
  • Adobe Flash based IVI system development using Windows Embedded


  • QNX certified specialists for real time application and drivers development
  • Implementation of Webkit based HTML5 UI frameworks
  • Development and integration house for QNX based products

We bring together the Connected
Car ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate Android Auto
into your vehicles

Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car in a way that’s purpose-built for driving. We ensure a seamless experience for integrating Android Auto into in-vehicle infotainment systems across different hardware platforms, OS environments and HMI frameworks.

Our Integration Packages for Android Auto offer you more than just software. Supporting our customers throughout the journey from conceptual design, implementation, optimization and certification to maintenance is key.

Software will eat the car

The car ecosystem is getting reconfigured around software.

The connected car creates a massive opportunity for the automotive ecosystem to reconfigure the profit value chain. While the automotive supply chain has been built around component assembly for the past 100 years, the connected car disrupts this value chain. As with many other industries, ‘Software will eat the car’ and its underlying profits. In this "new normal" vendors and partners who can integrate experiences, content and data across multiple parties will end up dominating the ecosystem.

Connected car enabler:
Ethernet AVB

With its guaranteed, synchronized and low-latency delivery of digital data, Ethernet AVB opens the door to lower cost and more flexible audio/video transport solutions for a landscape of applications. It’s the only independent 3rd Party EAVB solution provider with a multi-platform production grade EAVB stack. Certified as ‘Works with Genivi’, Our solution is used by over 14 OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers.

The 4th Place

Your home. Your work. Your Coffee shop. All connected through the car.

The average commuter spends over 14% of his waking hours inside a car. The connected car offers an unique opportunity for OEMs to provide experiences that transcend and connect the home, office and casual experiences for drivers.  Today’s connected cars ship with advanced infotainment solutions offering complete information, entertainment and communications capabilities - including premium audio and video, route navigation, connectivity.

We work with OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers, content providers and cloud platforms to digitally connect such experiences to transform the connected car into a digital hub.

Two Mobiles

Mobile apps need a ‘car mode’

The Car is Connected. Where are the apps?

Our customers often ask us ‘How can I evolve my internal team and supply base to be able to deliver the IVI of the future?’. While the car has been connected, in vehicle apps still have a long way to go. We take a look at some of the popular apps and redesign them for context of use.

Complete, flexible noise suppression

eVoice™ is a combined acoustic echo compensation and noise reduction system that leverages state-of-the-art algorithms that provide high performance, robust noise suppression and echo cancellation with minimum complexity and footprint.

Reduce recall costs with secure OTA software updates

Redbend Software Management for connected cars enables the car manufacturer’s and tier-1 suppliers to securely manage all software in the car including head units, ECUs and telematics boxes whether on the production line, at the dealer’s lot or the owner’s driveway.

Meet Our Automotive Business Leaders


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SVP Automotive
Business Unit


Sumit Chauhan


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