In a cut-throat marketplace, where market saturation and omni-channel buying make it ever harder to influence your customers, you need to think fast and act faster to stay ahead of the game.

Predict demand
Use advanced analytics and data mining to create industry-standard reports across each retail function to predict demand and enable quick decision making. Then use the data to design campaigns and promotions that enable personalized marketing. Our solutions help you reach the right customers at the right time, and increase customer retention.

Get the Symphony Teleca Advantage

Reach out to the connected shopper by offering personalized promotions based on past shopping behavior, or recommend a complementary product that completes the basket.

Our services include:

Product ideation

Develop your product ideas through feasibility analysis and prototyping before taking them forward and realizing revenue.

Improve user experience by interacting with your customers, and identify end users. We help you design applications that keep end users' unique requirements in mind.


Get the enablers you need, such as tools and processes, and use our POS testing lab

Domain knowledge

We bring you expertise from merchandising systems, logistics, WMS, pricing and price optimization, analytics to Point-of-Sale (POS)

Technology edge
Leverage the latest technologies in the market, and capture new audiences through new channels, including Mobility enablement, Cloud computing, and Big data analytics.

Track your customers’ preferences through their mobiles
Ensure you offer the best customer experience possible. With rising smartphone adoption, you can track customer activities and preferences through mobile applications. With the right analytics systems, retailers and retail service providers can identify gaps in the customer shopping experience and address them effectively.