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Delivering Big Data +
Machine Learning on the cloud

  • Proprietary and commercial machine learning models used to analyze sensory data to predict component failure in real time.
  • Unlock a self-learning car that studies driving habits and in-car app usage.
  • Proprietary Big Data platforms and extended products that capture more than 16 million "sensitive" healthcare events per week.
  • 250+ million patient’s unstructured data like scanned prescriptions and claims classified through machine learning to derive the single view of the patient.
  • BI Factory that analyzes 90% of the CPG transactions in North America and deliver 1 critical insight per hour.

Analyze. Predict. Monetize

For over a decade, we’ve been the analytics powerhouse of world’s top insights providers – from largest CPG market research firms to largest life sciences companies.

  • Petabytes of structured and unstructured data management – from in-store video data to scanned hand-written prescriptions data.
  • Industry scale predictive models that churn high velocity and high volume data to generate real time critical insights.
  • Packaged business solutions to monetize these insights and drive business impact.

From delivering critical insights
to delivering business impact

Single view of the customer

A leader in internet yellow pages struggled with ineffective CRM strategies. We consulted for application rationalization and end-to-end services architecture and analytics (descriptive and predictive) by consolidating information from all CRM systems.

Big profits from Big Data

Largest CPG market research firm was focused to provide analytics solutions and insights to its clients. We consolidated POS, panel, audit, media and social media and established a balanced mix of competencies suited for ‘accelerated insights platform’ roll out. Big Data technology spend was reduced by 40% through efficient offshore delivery model. At the rate of 1 critical insight per hour, approximately 95% of Top 500 CPG companies are currently leveraging this insights-as-a-service.

Recommend to sell

A large online retailer was unable to upsell to its customers/visitors. Through real time customer profiling, customer preferences, browsing history and product affinity we designed a recommendation engine with built-in personalized promotions and increased revenue and margin capture through 28% more potential cross-sell opportunities.

Predicting patient readmission

A large hospital system was plagued with readmission penalties. We identified top causes of readmissions by a variety of factors included medical history, disease category, demographic profile and targeted high-risk patients at the time of admit and discharge for a focused intervention strategy with a 350% lift in outcomes.

Internet of Things

Auto manufacturer wanted to move from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Our data science team also performed causal analysis of the issues by uncovering hidden relationships between events. We identified the faults which have got higher chance of leading to repair and hence predict warranty claims potentially saving $3000 in warranty per vehicle.

Listen to your customers

A leading technology giant in the APAC region wants to formulate product development strategies for smart phones by studying market trends. We aggregated data across social channels such as Twitter & Facebook uncovered issues in the product design which needed immediate action. The analysis helped with effective customer centric product development strategies.

Better insights, better health

One of the largest data providers in the life sciences looking for big data analytics to deliver critical insights to pharmaceutical companies. Provided inbound data management for Prescription Data (Retail & Non Retail) , Medical and Hospital Claims (16+ billion healthcare events captured) and derived multi axes view of the patient (250+ million patients tracked annually) which enabled insights as a service to drive up significant revenue.

In-store Video Analytics

We built a video analytics solution using R and structured C for analytics, and Tableau for visualization that read video files and converted to frames for subsequent image processing. Performed people identification & tracking across frames and create structured data output and integrated with POS data.

The intelligent car
is ready to hit the road

  • Build intelligent in-car systems to deliver the ultimate driving experience.
  • Achieve engineering efficiencies while improving customer experience.
  • Lower warranty and customer care costs through predictive insights.

BI Factory: A methodical business performance management and optimization engine

  • Design KPI metrics that are directly aligned to the business objectives and measure impact.
  • Implement intuitive and advanced visualization to accurately monitor business performance.
  • Employ graphical scenario planning with decision write-back for maximum business performance control.
  • Ensure cross channel timely insights delivery – on the floor, in the field or on the desk.

IP-based packaged business solutions
bundled with unmatched domain expertise
that significantly reduce time to market

HARMAN RPM™: Rules based, graphical, scenario planning engine

  • Supports very large data sets.
  • Extensions to R and Python that enable more complex computations.
  • Smart text and Guided analytics.
  • ActiveRules™ engine for Scenario/ What-if analysis.
  • Decision write-back capability.
  • Integration with Hive.

Health SymMetrics™

Cloud-based analytics platform to manage population health.

  • Over 30 preconfigured analytics solutions to rapidly implement an analytics program.
  • Clinical excellence models which predict risk of readmissions at the time of discharge.
  • Operational excellence models with touchpoint analysis for predicting activities that accelerate resolution on claims.

Offer Maps™

A predictive dashboard to leverage your best performing offers.

  • We send you a data request. You provide the data.
  • Our data scientists tune Offer Maps™ engine to predict your best offers.
  • Our strategists top off with their recommendations to win back your customers.


An analytical gateway to intelligent Internet-of-Things.

  • A robust framework for M2M and Telematics, currently deployed in the Automotive industry.
  • Forecast and manage warranty liabilities by analyzing DTC Events, Dealer Evaluation, Warranty Costs and Repair Rates.
  • Guide future product design and development efforts to reduce costly warranty claims.

Industry contributors.
Meet the catalysts who are transforming businesses

HARMAN Connected Services Analytics Solutions consists of 1500+ analytics professionals worldwide who are adept in data management, data science and in commercial and open source analytics technologies. Most of these team members are thought leaders, contributors to open source or just raw talent. Ask a question to see if they can help you.

Cloud Enthusiast and Big Data Strategist
Greg Bohl
Strategic leadership in delivering high profile, advanced analytics projects for Fortune 100 clients.
Predictive modeling master. Healthcare expert
Vincent Stuart
Industry recognized Healthcare domain expert with Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences data science acumen.
Big Data Technology Linchpin
Ajit Parmar
HARMAN Connected Services cornerstone to deliver high profile Big Data projects successfully. Foreman of STC’s revolutionary off-shore delivery centers in Asia and Europe.
Big Data specialist. Thought leader
Anupama Muraleedharan
Specialist in solutions development exploiting Big Data across the Retail, CPG, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, and Banking sectors.
C-Suite Solutions Counselor
Vishwanath Sastry
Cross industry principal innovator in Big Data Analytics, BI , OLAP, building end to end distributed enterprise architecture.
BI and Analytics Technology Leader
S.R. Subramanian
Principal Architect of HARMAN RPM, a BI factory that delivers critical insights to 95% of Fortune 100 CPG firms every hour.
Enterprise technology visionary
Deepa Naik
16-year track record of architecting, designing, and developing enterprise-level applications across multiple verticals, including supply chain, telecom, healthcare, BFSI and media.
Data Scientist and Retail Domain Expert
Gaurav Banerjee
Marketing research, web/social analytics, product positioning and branding specialist.

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