Product Line Management

We offer industry-leading strategies, business models and delivery to help you decrease spend in mature product line maintenance and accelerate investments in innovative new products. Let us help you drive your business to the next level in this $250B marketplace.

Product Line Management Offering
Our industry-recognized PLM best practices and outcome-based engagement models keep programs manageable, drive collaboration and integrate to downstream applications, enabling you to retain revenues, maximize cash and focus on pure margins.

We achieve results by:

  • Assessing your needs, aligning our services with your business goals and using patented and proven processes
  • Assuming full accountability for the PDLC, business operation and SLAs of targeted products
  • Measuring and analyzing and continuously improving product functions
  • Optimizing budget and resources through global delivery
  • Reducing R&D resources on legacy lines, freeing them up to develop new products and keep you ahead of the global market.

Key Benefits to you
With outcome-driven solutions backed by stringent SLAs, you can trust that we will deliver consistent benefits to you and your business. On average, our clients benefit from:

  • 25% reduction in product management costs
  • 40% reduction in support costs
  • 50% increase in product life related revenues

Partner with Symphony Teleca

We are committed to providing the most innovative PLM services on the market. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you maximize your legacy product potential.