A complete In-Vehicle Software Update Management Solution

Cloud and predictive analytics powered, secure remote in-vehicle software and configuration management over-the-air.

The Symphony Teleca InSight Connect Over-The-Air (OTA) solution provides automakers and their suppliers with a secure, robust and highly efficient platform for performing software updates independent of network type, hardware, OS, software and applications.

The rising software complexity in modern cars poses a new challenge to automotive companies - fixing software issues and deploying new functionality in a safe and cost effective manner. Smart tools and systems to manage software configurations and updates are getting more important with quality control and security integrity of the software being key.

InSight Connect is a comprehensive end-to-end management solution that provides automotive grade, reliable, cost effective, application and software provisioning and maintenance, integrated with the OEM's existing systems throughout the connected car lifecycle.

InSight Connect offers seamless user personalization as well as application and services monetization for fully OEM branded IVIs.

Advanced Analytics module uses semantic web technologies to expose key metrics on IVI performance and application usage.

Thanks to the flexible and modular structure it is enabling OEMs to extend and fully customize functionality over time.

  • InSight Connect is available as a managed hosted services platform
  • Fully scalable, high performance Graph Database
  • Personalized software and configuration management for FOTA, SOTA and Application Updates
  • Telematics vehicle data collection for remote monitoring and diagnostics