Device software update for Android

The latest software—always


Device software update makes sure consumer devices continue performing at their best by automatically checking for updates on a regular basis. Using an easy, user friendly web interface, carriers and device manufacturers can upload new update packages to a file server and retrieve statistics on consumer downloads.
Our stand-alone PC solution for re-flashing, backup and restore is the perfect solution for service centers and retailers. Our OTA solution is the easiest technique for reaching end users.

  • Provides the latest software to consumer devices, making sure they work at their best. Used by multiple OEMs.
  • Device client and server side support for managing updates. Reporting feature for follow-up.
  • Reduces risk for early product launches with a simple and secure update process.
  • Reduces cost through less Service Center calls and returns.
  • Scalable solution for PC and OTA with easily extendable feature-support over time  
  • Customizable to interact with existing backend systems.